The mission of Swiss Ribbons is to provide you with the various range of Laces, Trimmings, Ribbons, Fringes, Cords, Chemical Laces, Beaded Laces, at lower price from China. You can get almost everything you like on this website. We sell a vast range of Fancy Laces, Designer Saree Laces, Polka Dot Banarasi Laces, Velvet Banarasi Laces, Banarasi Jacquard Laces, Parsi Banarasi Laces, Handmade Trims and Polyester Trims, Designer Jacquard Ribbons, Organza Ribbons, Beaded Jacquard Ribbons, Jacquard Ribbons, Metallic Jacquard Ribbons, Sequin & Beaded Ribbons, Designer Laces, Velvet & Sequence Laces, Sequence Designer Laces, Velvet Laces, Glass Beaded laces, exclusively by Swiss Ribbons Pvt. Ltd. manufacturers. If you like to hunt for something special at a low price by fashionable online shopping, then use hjariwala.com to purchase many thousands of super discount Laces, Ribbons, Trimmings, Cords, etc. you are interested in. Our Product is applied on each design different criteria. According to weaves and density of yarns we design our products. We do creation for our product by unique methods of designing. Our designing concept is based on fabrics and style of material.




We offer product which they can use in Ladies Garments, Baby Garments, Suiting & Shirting, Home Furnishing, and Decorative Things. We design product in such a way which can make value of user product hundred times look fancy and aesthetics. We make product in wide range of colors and sizes. We offer product from 6MM to 600MM sizes. We sell our product in Indian domestic market. Gulf Country, Asian region country. We also sell our product through online.


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